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Upcoming shoot for Cammelly with Nicole Hadgraft and Matthew Weathersby

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Cammelly will have a photo shoot coming soon with Nicole Hadgraft and Matthew Weathersby in the latter part of August. I am extremely excited to say the least. This shoot will be different from the rest of the shoots I ever coordinated. This will be the first time we will have high quality videos be done.

Our amazing photographer and cinematographer Matthew has so many years of experience in this line of work. He got his first touch when he was about 10 years old. Overall, Matthew is experienced in cinematography and photography. To add on to that, Matthew holds an internship with University of South Carolina as the New and Creative media intern at the University of South Carolina producing videos for the football team. I personally checked out his Youtube channel for more of his work and I was amazed. No doubt Matthew produces impeccable work. 


Our model Nicole Hadgraft, who will be modeling for Cammelly

Nicole Hadgraft will be our model for this shoot. She is gorgeous and I'm really forward to her modeling in Cammelly's. She will model in our first collection. Our Sunset collection

If you're a model and in the Carolina's and interested in modeling for Cammelly feel free to contact us via dm, email or numbers at any time and we will consider you for a shoot. I am looking forward to working with Matthew more in the future, so contact us and we can go from there. I hope to shoot our new collection with Matthew as well. If you're interested in getting your hands on our new collection before they release let us know. 

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Nicole: @nikkihadgraft1

Ariel: @arielfranklin1


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Ariel Franklin


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