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Ariels Bikinis Sunset Bikini in Orange

Hi Cammelly community!

Ariel Franklin checking in again. If you have seen on our Instagram page today, we are currently extending our Sunset line, the color that we will be dropping next is orange. This color will be released Thursday which is July 27th at 12 PM PST. That is 3 PM for our friends on the east coast. We have about one or two different color ways left on our agenda with our sunset bikini collection. If any of you gals have any suggestions on what colors you would like to see, please comment the color/s you wish to see in the comment section below or on our Instagram page. I know that many of you gals have been waiting for another collection to be released. We are currently in the process of adding another collection as well for you ladies. We're trying to get those out to market to you guys as soon as possible. Overall, we would love your feedback about the new color way release! Stay tuned for more updates and can't wait to deliver the best suits we can bring to market!

Thank you for reading my post and supporting Cammelly. Use code "July" at checkout to save on your next order!


-Ariel Franklin


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